Wednesday, 2 November 2011

: : if u r in a tension mood : :

if i got u 
i will eat u  nyumm..
so nyuummmiii..

sy suke coklat ini sbb coklat ni x manis sgt n yg paling penting dia banyak kacang hazel yg amat sy gemari....
dulu masa kat ASBKJ.. 
kalo tensi je..
nnt kuar bilik prep 
*diluar waktu prep, sbb sy bajet otai sy kuar lerrr*
sekongkol ngn bedah..
 makan coklat..
miss dat time..
masa tu stock coklat dan mkn lain kitorg mesti ade..
xkira ape2 je..
tapi coklat adalah kemestian..
sbb dgn yakin nya sy n bedah menyatakan  makan coklat akan menghilang tekanan...!!!~~~~
it truee...  ~_~

sebenarnya bile stori pasal  coklat ini 
sbb nk luahkan sy sedang tensi..
oke.. tensi tu adalah tension..
because of what?
yes.. everybody  have their own mood..
but not all people around u may understand  u at all..
u can share with them but till when? people got their own business, their own problem, their own activities, sometimes they might  tension with u.. 
because u r not   stand on ur feet  (berdikari)
believe on me.i said it because  i have   an experience on it..
sy pena kena sound..  
shame on me!!~ really..
but i need to face it.. 
n now.. i try to handle it.. yeah.. handle with eating coklat??? 
not at all.. 
one of the way is try as u can to think positive. 
make all those things as ur experience
take it if it good 
learn it if  u think  it wrong..
nobody are perfect in this world.. 
but we can try to be perfect.. 
so we never repeat  our    old mistake..

*oke la.. ini sudah mengarut, sy cume nk ngadu kat emcik belog sy  yg sy a  bit tension.. 
kena siapkan asement n got test tomorrow, and i'm a bit messy with people are always  forcing me.. 
but before that i'm need to think that i had done  like that to  someone else before??!~~~  
i have no answer of that.. *


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