Monday, 30 September 2013

what was he said to me

When i read your msg, 
I'm smile
I'm cry
I'm lough 
its everything about you.. 

when I read it for a second time without any intonation, 
Its just a normal texting from you..
I love the way you are!~ 

I will remember some of your quotes

" hidup ini umpana jalan raya. Kalau kita nk jalan yang best, laju,cepat, ada tempat rehat kita lalu highway tapi ada tol, atau kita pilih jalan kampung, xyah bayar tol (jimat) tapi jalan lobang2 bengkang-bengkok" both ada pro and cons

"Bayangkan ko buat jambatan kat sungai untuk orang seberang sungai tu, tapi orang tak guna pon jambatan tu, orang berenang ke apa ke untuk seberang sungai tu, ko kecewa tak" 
this situation because I get confius n difficult to choose either A or B. I always pray for B, but when I get B because Allah help, I afraid to move on n face it.

Thanks because u are always be my side and support me. 

Thanks Allah coz give me a chance to know him.. 

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